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Daniel H. writes:

This company has handled my online needs for 3 years now . I really appreciate how they are always there if you have a question . My business has grown because of Platinum Online Pros ! Thank you guys/girls for all your hard work .

Sam Y. writes:

Scotty's team did an outstanding job building my business's online presence. Platinum Online Pros is responsible for getting my business, Pam's Donuts & Frozen Yogurt to the front page of all the major directories and I now dominate the donut and frozen yogurt market in Vista. My business was origanally "Pam's Donuts" I closed my business down while construction is being done to expand my offering to high-end frozen yogurt.

Scotty was able to get me to the top of search engines and review sites with the new name before it was even open. He also helped me out with some contract law issues I had with a contractor and he was able to save me an incredible amount of money. I recommend Scotty and Platinum Online Pros for any business owner that needs help understanding and excelling their online presence. Thanks Scotty!

Danielle P. writes:

A lot of small business owners like myself don't realize the impact Social Media and marketing can do for the success of their business. Like myself your focus is to just keep your doors open and servicing your current clientlle. You need to know that if your not internet savvy enough to know the in's and out's of how to drive new business through your door you can't build your business to its full potential. Platinum online pros take that stress and time building your online presence off of you so you can focus on everything else!! As a business owner whether its a new business or existing business without a lot of online presence you can't neglect that area necessary to grow your business. Take it from me Scotty is a GREAT person who cares about his clients and is willing to do whatever necessary to keep your small business thriving. If your looking to grow your business make sure you get these guys on board they make your vision their own!

Dave G. writes:

Platinum Online Pros have been a breath of fresh air in the jungle of companies that say they will help your company get noticed on the internet. Trust me...I have tried many.  Platinum Online Pros delivers! I was recommended to them and glad I was. As a small business I like dealing with people that understand small business. Especially the constrained budgets we have for most everything. Scotty is as real as they come and has great skills in identifying what needs to be done and then doing it. And, if your are busy doing a million things and get distracted easily, he will call and follow up on things you were to do but probably forgot about. It's like working with a friend....that fun and easy. But, the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is good!  If you want the job done right hire the experts. That's what I did.

Barbara D. writes:

I have been using Platinum Online Pros since May of this year. I have noticed that when I search for my particular type stores, I am always up there on the listing. This is consistently true. While I may change position here and there, I always am right by the competition. They offer additional help when I need it for Facebook questions and other marketing I may be interested in. I trust their opinion highly. I feel like I have my own computer person right at my fingertips. Being computer marketing skills deficient, I have been through several SEO companies which were not working for me, these guys have kept me up at the top consistently. I would highly recommend them especially if you do not have time or knowledge of how to be in the top of the Google searches. Don't take my word for it, type it in yourself I am Barb's Bridal in Mesa AZ. Try Mesa wedding dresses, bridal shops mesa az, discount bridal mesa, cheap wedding dresses in AZ.

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